Leading real estate industry with cutting-edge robotics, AI driven technology.

Zweispace is helping real estate industry with the power of technology and  to improve the customers beyond.
We develop real estate applications, include in Robot Architect  AutoCalc and Earthquake Resistant Measurement Application Namazu, and patented blockchain applications in real estate industry. In 2019, we are awarded Top PropTech Company in APAC region, also awarded Smart Contract patens, Robot Architect AI and IoT patents, including earthquake solution technologies. We developed inheritance smart contract with our Smarter Contract platform, and started to provide solutions in construction and financial industry as well. With the best performing Zweichain and it's ecosystem, and with our ability to invent and build to fit, Zweispace will keep providing industry standard solutions in global blockchain and AI industry.


Digital Twin real estate be registered in real estate blockchain, by a team of solicitor and realtor

“ZWEICHAIN”, a digital twin real estate record service utilizing real estate blockchain and registration system “RegisterKnight” has been initiated through collaboration between a Shibuya-based solicitor office and real estate companies for real estate registration and related records. Zweispace Tokyo Legal Office A Shibuya solicitor office and a real estate company have started a recording service for real estate registration, etc., using digital twin real estate, the real estate blockchain “ZweiChain” and the registration system “RegisterKnight”. Tokyo Legal Office (Shibuya Ward)…

Digital twin real estate brokerage, Zweispace started with digital twin apparel stores and residential buildings at properties in Tokyo.

In 2015, Zweispace launched a campaign to rent about 700 studio apartments in Tokyo for one month with 1 bitcoin per room (at that time, 1 bitcoin was about 40,000 yen, about 400 dollars), and has led the global real estate solutions in the blockchain industry. In 2022, in addition to Japan, Zweispace has completed the acquisition of real estate blockchain patents in various countries, including the United States, South Korea, and China, and has begun commercial real estate rental…

No way, Ai generative real estate ! ! connecting Tokyo apartments and digital twin metaverse

No way, Ai generative real estate! ! connecting Tokyo apartments and digital twin metaverse Sales of AI generative real estate NFT starteded, connecting Tokyo studio apartments and digital twin metaverses. Autocalc, a robot architect that builds apartments 30,000 times faster than human architects, and NAMAZU, an AI seismic diagnosis app, are also active. The real estate NFT (ZWEINOTE) comes with a digital twin Metaverse apartment and land in an actual physical space. After completion, we will also provide a real…

Breaking through the singularity
Zweispace Elevation Office

Zweispace attracts the true elite from around the globe, to invent and create solutions to humanity's most difficult problems. We identify the root cause of problems, quickly learn the latest skills, apply our self invented technologies,  build solutions to our civilization, for our contemporaries and for the future generations. We are looking forward to meeting our pier contributors with high ideals and goals as, in Metaverse.

Each team at Zweispace is comprised of top-notch professionals. We welcome partners who are committed to building solutions for humanity's challenges alongside experts from various industries around the world. At Zweispace Elevation Office, projects related to blockchain, AI, and the metaverse are advancing. To join Elevation Office, please apply for each season's batch.