No way, Ai generative real estate! ! connecting Tokyo apartments and digital twin metaverse

Sales of AI generative real estate NFT starteded, connecting Tokyo studio apartments and digital twin metaverses. Autocalc, a robot architect that builds apartments 30,000 times faster than human architects, and NAMAZU, an AI seismic diagnosis app, are also active.
The real estate NFT (ZWEINOTE) comes with a digital twin Metaverse apartment and land in an actual physical space. After completion, we will also provide a real estate rental brokerage for the Metaverse side apartment. The amount of work efficiency improved by the AI application will be returned to the land owner and the final apartment purchaser at the price.

>A generative apartment NFT, the only apartment in the world that matches the land, generated by AI.

> preview of Zweispace ZVST Metaverse

Generative real estate plans can be obtained in Zweicoin Wallet.

Rights can be acquired with Zweicoin (ZWC). It is a plan with a construction price of 38,962,640 yen, and it is a 3D model rights token that enables seismic diagnosis simulation.

Zweispace has been developing applications between real estate and blockchain since 2015. Currently, we are considering posting on public NFT markets, currently trading in fiat currency or fiat stable tokens.

From our universe in the real world to the universe in the metaverse. We hope you feel the 21st century at ZweiSpace.

ZweicoinWallet: held in the VIP room of Zweicoin Wallet
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Property details:
For real world real estate inquiries, please contact PRESI Co., Ltd.
Contact ZWEISPACE JAPAN / Zweispace @ZVST metaverse, for inquiries and previews on the Digital Twin Metaverse side.