“ZWEICHAIN”, a digital twin real estate record service utilizing real estate blockchain and registration system “RegisterKnight” has been initiated through collaboration between a Shibuya-based solicitor office and real estate companies for real estate registration and related records.


Tokyo Legal Office

A Shibuya solicitor office and a real estate company have started a recording service for real estate registration, etc., using digital twin real estate, the real estate blockchain “ZweiChain” and the registration system “RegisterKnight”.

Tokyo Legal Office (Shibuya Ward) has started recording services such as real estate registration using ZweiSpace’s real estate block chain and ZweiChain’s real estate registration system “RegisterKight” in collaboration with real estate companies.

In addition to the office base in the real world (universe), it is possible to register real estate on the real estate blockchain / zweichain even in the elevation office in the cyber space on the cloud side that is not bound by geographical location.

Yusuke Yokoyama, Yuichi Iimura (Representative of solicitor office, Tokyo legal office)

“I think it is a well-known fact that our business is mainly centered on legal affairs bureaus and administrative services in Japan. The reason why I feel the need to cooperate in real estate blockchain and real estate registration system work is because I believe that in the near future, it will be an effort to prepare for unexpected technological innovations and emergencies.Only in Japan. We aim to provide safety and security in the true sense of the word, with an eye on the world.”

Yuuya Ishii (PRESI Representative Director)

“I have been aware since 2016 that blockchain is the most difficult technology to tamper with on the planet.The wars of Russia and Ukraine, and the post-war Japan’s postwar land takeovers and illegal occupations, etc. Just as we ourselves store important real estate information on the blockchain in preparation for such an eventuality, We thought that if everyone’s important real estate registration information could be saved on the blockchain, it would be useful in the event of an emergency. With the advice of PRESI, we partnered with Tokyo Legal Office, who has been with us for nearly 10 years. do. ”

Hayato Kameda (ZWEISPACE CEO)

“Although ZweiSpace has been working to have solicitor monopolize the blockchain registration business in Japan, it has functions and advantages that are not bound by the current framework of judicial scriveners’ business, The problem was that it took a long time for training in the operation of .This is the first time that the real estate company and the solicitor office have collaborated, and the operation flow based on actual demand from the actual real estate store has passed, and it has been introduced to Japan. expect to accelerate.

Also, in 2023, with the advent of ChatGPT, etc., it is becoming more and more recognized that AI will become the norm. We are promoting the Legal Token Project (LT) with an eye on the AI era, and have been selected as LegalTech by Stanford University in the United States, which has a certain degree of recognition worldwide in both the AI field and law school. We believe that this development in the Japanese real estate industry will resolve the imminent anxieties about the future of solicitor industry executives and employees and solicitor candidates. We look forward to an early rollout nationwide.

Currently, more than 100,000 real estate properties are registered with ZweiChain worldwide using “RegisterKnight (Note 1)”. Registration is from 3,000 (ZWC (Note 2)) under the same conditions globally. In addition, the AI smart contract, which also corresponds to the civil trust of the judicial scrivener industry, uses the “Final Code Solution” of the blockchain company Robothills in the AI era as a legal token project. In addition to ZweiCoin, legal tokens can also be registered on the blockchain, from 3 (LT (Note 3)). Use of private trust-related AI smart contracts starts at 300 (LT). ”

Note 1) Register Night is a blockchain registration system

Note 2) ZWC is the unit of ZweiCoin

Note 3) LT is the unit of AI token, Legal token

History of Real Estate Blockchain Usage

In 2017, the land owned by PRESI was registered on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In 2018, ZweiSpace acquired a real estate blockchain patent, and has since acquired it in various countries.

In 2019, started blockchain recording of earthquake information from PRESI’s apartment in Tokyo

Build a digital twin on the Metaverse at the Tokyo Coin Pick in 2021

— In 2021, Facebook will change its organization to Meta and start investing trillions of yen in Metaverse.

In 2022, NFT announcement of PRESI’s property in Jingumae

In 2022, NFT announcement of generative apartment plan by AI on land in Takadanobaba

— In 2022, Microsoft and OpenAI announce trillion-yen investment generative AI

In 2023, a digital twin of a restaurant and office property in Higashi-Ueno

Digital twin real estate brokerage started in 2023

More than 100,000 property information registered in 2023

In 2023, we will start a registration service for digital twin realestate to real estate blockchain in cooperation with a Japanese solicitor and realtor

real estate blockchain registration

 Register Knight page → Registerknight : http://about.registerknight.com/

            → http://zweispace.co.jp/registerknight/

Digital twin real estate brokerage : https://en.zweispace.co.jp/2024/03/03/digital-twin-real-estate-brokerage-zweispace-started-with-digital-twin-apparel-stores-and-residential-buildings-at-properties-in-tokyo/