Tokyo, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia February 28th, 2020.  Zweispace and Linance have agreed to collaborate in the development of value oriented token marketplace, using Zweispace’s tokenization platform and BitcoinSV blockchain for the next generation exchange Linance is launching, starting from Australia.

Zweispace, a blockchain powered X-Tech company, located in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Singapore, holding multiple patents around blockchain, started to tokenize the industry specific app utility, starting from real estate and legal profession, now expands to other domains with global partners.

Linance is based in Melbourne, Australia, ready to launch crypto exchange in APAC region starting from Australia with its licensed partners, with enhanced capabilities in classic crypto trades, non-fungible token trades, DApp token trades and distributions, financial derivatives and many others. Linance’s goal is to become the most innovative digital assets exchange and the first integrated online DApp platform with world’s largest user base.

“Zweispace tokenization platform is a break-through innovation for real estate industry in Japan. With the oriented market sector and customized DApp interface we provide, Zweispace will list a series of tokens that attract international investors. I was also amazed by Zweispace’s cutting edge blockchain technology, which ensures the usability and safety of real estate business.”, stated Michael Huang, CEO of Linance.

“Linance will be creative crypto exchange in the new age of internet.  Michael and I shared our long term vision of how financial market and institutions will evolve. Creative culture is what I admire and so we tuned well quick to start collaborating. The speed Michael shows is fantastic, and his attitude toward regulation is ideal as a partner and as the host of a regulated exchange. Linance will expand to other locations including Japan. We can help them in regulatory process in Japan, as they can in Australia. ” said Hayato Kameta, CEO of Zweispace. “Our attitude toward meeting regulations creates trust which brings more speed to our production and delivery, benefiting our customers and market participants in the end”

Starting with Zweicoin, Zweispace issues Legal Token for legal profession and legal tech applications, and stable tokens like Thaler token, Gem token. All those tokens are based on BSV chain. Zweicoin is Japaese Yen based stable token and is app utility token as well. Zweispace is awarded Top Proptech Award in APAC region, and zweicoin can be used to run those AI apps. Surplus of the inflow to Zweicoin, will be converted to real estate. The property ownership data is registered in blockchain, rent-roll is recorded in blockchain as well.

Linance now has entered partnerships with AFIG (Australian Fintech Investment Group), which works with Novatti Group (NOV:ASX), an innovative payment processing platform in Australia. Furthermore, AFIG invested 1.1m in Novatti B Holding Company, which would acquire the Digital Banking License (RADI) licence at end of March. Linance, AFIG and their partners are about to launch an Asian facing ‘Libra’ Project early this year. It will consist of currencies such as the AUD, DCEP(CNY), JPY, KRW and so on. The stable coin will be issued on BSV chain with both sCrypt and Tokenized technology.

“Application Matters. The partnership between Zweicoin and Linance will be taking the regulated stable coin project to the next step.” Michael stated, CEO of Linance, “Together we will promote the circulation of digital assets and boost the APAC Real Estate industry.”