Surplus of this real estate marketing operation will be stored in Japanese bank accounts with JPY

Zweispace, a blockchain powered PropTech company, located in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Singapore, holds multiple patents around blockchain. The company is now expanding its private chain nodes called Zweichain network to multiple countries in Asia. This patented registration system called Registerknight has a universal format and Dual Chain System, Zweichain. Zwei means two in German. Registerknight records both in its private chain and public chain. In addition to real estate title and leasing contract, it will also record earthquake related information from its patented earthquake detection system in countries with many earthquakes. Zweispace is already providing this system to title law firms and lawyers in Japan. Having its own blockchain explorer, it will start to share the nodes to global partners.

Zweispace started to share App token to realtors and property owners. By using these apps, realtors can evaluate the price of property and list it on the real estate portal site. The surplus of this real estate marketing operation will be stored in traditional Japanese bank accounts with yen denomination. Part of the accumulated surplus will be converted to real estate, which will generate stable income, accumulating value, year after year.

Title, transaction, leasing contracts, and monthly income of the proprieties will be recorded in its real estate blockchain. Coin holders can search and check the immutable records by using ZWC blockchain explorer.

Regarding public chain, Zweispace started to write into the BSV chain. Zweispace is also considering to use tokenization system on the BSV chain. Already working with the BSV tokenization team, checking end to end security including the safer UI/UX of wallet apps. Among all Bitcoin family chains, originated by Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV), is one of the most aggressively and proactively testing and upgrading its protocol, assessing and fixing security bugs. The BSV team is also committed to following existing legal frameworks created by democratic process, rather than expecting regulators to follow this revolutionary technology movement.

Since title registration is associated with real property value, we want to respect each local government to enforce its law to protect physical property rights as well as our intellectual property rights like patents and trademarks. The power of law, granted real estate blockchain patent, and the immutable blockchain will constitute the consistent system protecting physical property rights in real estate.

Our criteria in choosing public blockchain:
1. Security level of the protocol, associated apps and practitioners.
2. Respect for existing legal and regulatory framework
3. Willingness to adapt to contemporary environment
4. Scalability and fees
5. Stability of protocol

In choosing the BSV chain, the comparative weakness in underlying Proof of Work hash power can be a risk angle to security. However, the Bitcoin family may choose to protect its coherent system as a whole, encouraging healthy competition among themselves.

Zweispace already has massive real estate data in running its own real estate portal site. It also intends to insert massive earthquake statistical data into the blockchain. To meet the long-term needs, Zweispace is willing to play a leading role in creating and hosting variety of nodes. For example, one specialized in storing massive picture data and another with enhanced time series synchronization.

不動産テックのツバイスペース(ZWEISPACE 東京都千代田区)は、デュアルチェーンシステムのうちの一つのパブリックチェーンを選択した。また、不動産アプリのトークンを不動産会社に発行し、不動産オーナーと東京都の実際の賃貸物件の契約を行い、その賃貸契約についての情報を、即時、ツバイスペースの不動産ブロックチェーンに書き込みを行った。




1.  プロトコルと、その周辺のアプリや実務家のセキュリティレベル
2.  既存の法的枠組みを尊重していること
3.  同時代の環境に適応する意思があること
4.  スケーラビリティーとフィー
5.  プロトコルの安定性