Zweispace, a blockchain powered PropTech and CosntructionTech company, located in Tokyo, Silicon Valley, and Singapore, holds multiple patents around blockchain, is selected as a global innovation company in the real estate industry for 2020 by KPMG (HQ:Netherlands).  KPMG is one of the world’s leading companies in the international tax, accounting and consulting industries, and Zweispace has recently been awarded the Startup Award at the Summit in Silicon Valley. The global staff of Zweispace is pleased to hear that it has been evaluated by the world’s leading experts in the consulting field. In Japan, in the consulting industry, collaboration with a Japanese consulting firm is progressing quickly, but KPMG is conducting a survey of companies on a global basis, even checking at the far east island nations and find before Zweispace got awarded in Silicon Valley. Best of a filed will find the best of other field always.